Your Office Visit

Scheduling a cardiac evaluation at MOCHC is easy, just call us at 732-282-1060 or complete the contact form on our home page and we will contact you within 24 business hours.

When you call please have the following information ready

- Valid insurance card
- Name, address and phone of your child's pediatrician and referring doctor, or your Ob-Gyn and High Risk perinatologist if calling for a fetal echocardiogram.
- The reason for your visit such as, heart murmur, fainting, sports clearance etc.
- Please request to be seen at either our Wall or Middletown locations.
- Please be prepared to attend the visit with your child. Older teenage children will not be seen with out a parent or guardian present.

Before you arrive at our office

It is important to consult with your insurance company before coming for the evaluation to be sure there are no financial surprises. Recent changes in the insurance and healthcare industries have resulted in unexpected financial burdens for many families. Be sure you understand your coverage, copay, deductible and co-insurance obligations prior to your visit.

Please make sure your newborn child has been added to your insurance policy. With the excitement of welcoming a newborn to the family adding the baby to the policy is often overlooked.

When you arrive at our office

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This time is needed for paperwork, and insurance verification.

-You will need a valid insurance card.
-Drivers license.
-Script from your referring doctor requesting a cardiac evaluation and diagnosis ( heart murmur, syncope, etc.)
-Discharge paperwork from emergency room if applicable.
-Prior cardiac history and paperwork for patient and parents if there is a history, copies of any labs or prior testing related to this visit.
- Name, address, phone and fax of all physicians you would like to receive a report of he visit.

When you see the doctor

Every patient will have vitals taken and receive an EKG. If deemed medically necessary an echocardiogram and possibly a holter monitor will also be performed. Be prepared to provide a complete cardiac history for the patient including details about the current issue that brings you to us. A letter detailing the findings and management plan will be dictated and forwarded to the referring physician following the visit.