Holter Monitor

Holter Monitor

Measuring your heart's activity

Unless you have been instructed otherwise the monitor is to be worn for 24 hours. All holters must be returned to the office within 24 hours. Your cooperation in returning equipment promptly is appreciated so as not to inconvenience other patients.


If a wire becomes unsnapped, simply snap it back to the electrode. Document this in the activity log. If one of the electrode tabs comes off the chest, try to secure it back to the chest using Band-Aids or other ‘medical’ type tape. If several come loose please call the office / service and page Dr. Rivera.

Child Safety

Avoid placing children in vibrating baby seats while wearing the monitor as it will cause interference and the study may have to be repeated. (There is no danger of harm to the child. If the child must be placed in such a seat to calm down or fall asleep try to limit the time and be sure to document this in the activity log.)


Avoid exposing the monitor to heat, magnets, liquids, sand or other harmful objects. Data is recorded on a digital computer chip. Please do not open the monitor as data will be lost and the study will have to be repeated.

Removing the Holter

Remove and discard the sticky electrodes. Please do not remove the lead wires from the unit. Sensitive skin may become red or irritated from the adhesive. There is no cause for alarm. Soothe the area gently with ‘witch hazel’ then apply body lotion.

Place the holter, case, strap, wires and activity log in a plastic bag and return to the office. All equipment must be returned within 24 hours. A service charge will apply to all equipment returned late.

Every effort is made to have results ready within 48 hours from the time the holter is returned (excluding weekends). You will receive verbal results by telephone and a written report will be sent to the pediatrician. For more information, contact our offices.